Thursday, February 18, 2010

Share PowerPoint Slides with Your Department and Students

A convenient way for a group of educators to collaborate and share their slide presentations is through the site SlideShare, at Check into how Texas A & M University's Writing Center uses the site to share its instructional slide shows with its students as well as other viewers. View some of the presentations to understand the purpose of why the university has mounted its instructional presentations in SlideShare. Consider how SlideShare or similar slide sharing sites might be used in other educational settings such as at the K-12 level? (Be forewarned, you will need to tolerate some ads, but the site is free, and has lots of potential.)


Amy R. said...

I looked at several of the slide shows posted by the Texas A&M Writing Center. I would imagine these are used by both tutors and students in the writing center.
The slide share site is another way for professionals to share ideas and information. Gone are the days when educators keep their lesson plans private. In the world today people want to openly share information. This site is a good example of that idea.

Abel said...

I agree with Amy when she said: that gone are the days when educators keep their lesson plans private. It's great that site like this one provides teachers with the opportunity to share good ideas for teaching.

Christina said...

This is a wonderful website! I looked at the slideshow dealing with the oil spill and the pictures were fantastic. I would share this in my classroom. It is important to keep students up to date on current issues. This site doesn't seem to be only for people sharing lesson plans, it also looks like presentations that people have done for companies, colleges and other venues. It's interesting to see how other people use PowerPoint to create slideshows.

When viewing the presentation on the oil spill, I'm reminded that sometimes just a picture slide show can be moving. This slideshow didn't have any text or music, just pictures. I think text and music might have been distracting, one only needed to look at the pictures of oil soaked animals to be moved. I think its important to keep this in mind when we create presentations. Sometimes just pictures can be appropriate.

Jenny C said...

I agree with Christina. Music would have been distracting with the oil spill show. The slides themselves were very powerful. The pictures would be great to share with students after covering the oil spill article from Scholastic News Online and my lesson with questions fostering analysis. Powerpoint doesn't just have to be used for training purposes. It could be a very helpful tool to sharing current events from a journalistic perspective. I enjoyed viewing.

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