Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Science Behind the Olympics

The upcoming Olympics presents an opportunity for engaging science lessons. Check out this page on Science NetLinks: The Science Behind the Olympics. While at the Science NetLinks, all check its Lesson Plan Ideas Matrix for plans arranged by grade level and subject area. There is also a Resource Index, which includes links related to the teaching of both math and science. If you explore the site, ScienceNetLinks, let us know what you think and what helpful information you find there for your teaching or general interest. Image from:


Joe P said...

The video clip about Mathletes was pretty cool for my middle school students - I personally think it's neat to think about Mathematics as "the Queen of Sciences"! I will certainly watch the winter Olympics with a little more appreciation for the mathematics and physics that make all the difference between bronze, silver, and gold medals! Great stuff NBC - thanks for spending the time to create teachable content for our kids.

Joe P said...

Just checked out a couple of the lesson plan index - you can sort the index by benchmark to see what lesson plan ideas are available for say a middle school math teacher. I read through the Fibonacci Sequence lesson plan and was pretty fascinated with the content - even spent another 1/2 hour investigating links about the "golden number" of phi and it's locations found in nature. Very well thought out lesson plan and adjustable to different grade levels and extendable for differentiation.

Sarah said...

I think that this is a great resource. I believe that the videos will intrigue the students and motivate them to want to learn about the specific areas of Science and Math that they talked about, like the Laws of Motion or cellular respiration. I also like how there are lesson plans on Lessonopoly to go along with the videos. I viewed some of the lessons that pertained to Biology and found them to be hit or miss. They definitely get the creative juices flowing though. Overall, I believe this site is worthy of bookmarking and utilizing in my future lessons as they are great visuals for students and will get them to think about how they can apply the concepts they are learning in class to real life. This site helps to make the conceptual connection.

Meghan said...

As a future general science teacher, I found the different videos of sports events that take place at the winter Olympics to be awesome!! I think these videos are great tools in the classroom to engage students and to help them understand that science really is all around us all the time!!

I always try to use the rule of thumb, that if I find it extremely interesting, then so will my students. Even if they aren't as excited as I am about it, they will be interested based off of my own enthusiasm!

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