Sunday, February 14, 2010

Online Professional Development

I'm posting links to blogs, nings, and podcasts sponsored by the professional organizations in K-12 disciplines. Use the post a "Comment" feature to add to the list, and I will edit this Blog to include your addition. Also, post a "Comment" to let us know how professional blogs and nings contribute to your professionally development extend your repository of teaching ideas.

National Council of Teachers of English Blog
National Council of Teachers of English Ning
National Teachers of Science Association Podcasts
National Council of Teachers of Science Blog
National Council of Teachers of Social Studies Blog
National Council for Social Studies Ning

Also but not blogs or nings:
National Council of Teachers of Math (Middle School Resources)
National Council of Teachers of Math (High School Resources)
National Council of Teachers of Math (Illuminations)

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Christina said...

I was looking through the blog for science teachers made by the National Science Teacher Association. What a great resource! I was looking through one of the blogs that dicussed sources of information regarding the oil spill. Current events are such an important part of the classroom. It was nice to see all of the resources available for integrating the oil spill into science classrooms. I have already bookmarked this site and will refer back to it when I get hired. I especially like the feedback that teachers can give about each idea and blog suggestion. It's great to hear from current teachers who have experimented in their own classrooms already.

Glenn said...

I spent a substantial amount of time reviewing your blog over the last few days and found some very informative and useful information. I especially enjoyed the National Math Teacher Association site and found numerous tools in the site that I plan on incorporating into my Precalculus lesson plans (like the Baseball site). Great stuff! Thanks.

Glenn S said...

I just joined the National Counsel of Teachers of Mathematics. The annual fee seems to be well worth it as there are a wealth of mathematics resources. I had not spent any time on this site before, so I was glad your blog prompted me. There seemed to be a wealth of material for Precalculus and Calculus which will be very helpful as I am crafting lesson plans. Thanks.

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