Friday, October 30, 2009

Free Technology for Teachers

Check out this blog, Free Technology for Teachers. This site is worth bookmarking and returning to weekly for access to sites that you can use. Just today I discovered from this blog this slide show Tap Into the World of Comics: Strategies for Using Comics in the Classroom as well as Museum of Humor, which offers teachers a host of lesson plans. The left sidebar on Free Technology for Teachers offers a list of links for resources in teaching social studies, English/language arts, math, science, and foreign language, while the right sidebar has links to a variety of resources. The site's designer boasts: "In 2008 Free Technology for Teachers was awarded the Edublogger Award for 'Best Resource Sharing Blog.' Free Technology for Teachers is read by an audience of more than 8000 subscribers." I know this is one blog that I have bookmarked and follow weekly. Hope you do too, and share with us helpful resources you find through the blog. Yesterday, October 29, the blog's main post was on the Crash of 1929, with the 80th anniversary of the Black Market marked on that date. A link to CNN Student News to a short segment and a PBS series American Experience with an hour long video about the stock market crash of 1929 were provided as well as this offering for watching an American Experience: The Crash of 1929 by clicking here. I also learned about the Science Netlinks - Dozens of Science Lessons, including ones for integrating science into the elementary school classroom.

For those of you seeking videos beyond YouTube these are offered:

Great Alternatives to YouTube
Dozens of More Resources
Teacher Tube
Edu Blogs TV
Ted - Ideas Worth Spreading


Mr. Byrne said...

Hi Judy,
Thank you for the kind words and high praise for my blog.
All the best,

Amy said...

I just spent a few minutes searching around the links on your Free Technology for Teachers blog. I noticed a few sites I will definitely come back to: 10 places to Make and Find Flashcards Online is one that caught my eye. Mr. Byrne has a cool site going. Google is a great engine.

Kylie said...

I went to the Free Technology for Teacher blog and came across and article on the main page called, "Engaging Students with Voki." The article caught my interest because Voki's are avatars just like you may create on the xbox360, wii, or various games like Rockband. Avatars are fun for everyone. This article was about how teachers could use Voki avatars to engage students. Students can personalize their own Voki avatar right down to recording their own voice. Then embed them on a blog, wiki, send them through email and even play games with them. I decided to make my own Voki avator and had fund doing it. I could see students getting into this and if used properly it being one more thing that hooks students.
I create my Voki avatar, I did not record my own voice. I kept it simple.

Melissa said...

I really find this website easy to use. I like the idea of the teacher tube because you tube is blocked in my school. There are some great teacher tubes out there and this link will help me find them. I also like the CNN student link. I think that students need to know about current events, even in a fourth grade classroom. There were even links that matched what the news addressed. For example it talked about eating healthy so there was a link for healthy eating and fitness.

Christina said...

What a fantastic blog! I was especially intrigued by the global warming videos and the program "google earth." Google Earth allows students to get a close up look at all areas of our earth, from the sea to outer space. I will definitely try to integrate this program into my lessons. Another interesting find was the resources on ice and glacier studies. I think students would be generally interested in glaciers and how scientists study them. It would be a great resource when talking about global warming and about the animal populations living in arctic climates.

Jenny G said...

Wow! I clicked on the link about using comics in the classroom. I am both inspired and overwhelmed by the amount of information on this topic. Along with the vast array of programs for creating comics, there is a wonderful PowerPoint outlining ways to use any of these programs in the classroom. I especially liked the ideas of: interpreting poetry, song lyrics and Shakespeare plays through comics, having students create instructional manuals using comics, utilizing comics for an "about me" activity, and depicting an interview through comics! I can imagine having students create a comic strip of an interview between two characters in a novel, or between themselves and a character in the novel. There are many more fabulous ideas as well!

Jenny G.

Ashley said...

Hi Dr. Arzt,
What a great website! I can't believe I hadn't found this sooner. I love the idea of the CNN news link for the students. Sometimes it is difficult to put current events and news into words for the kids. I think we will begin to use this website in my classroom. The kids could even use this over the summer. This Free Technology for Teachers website is one I want to come back too over the summer and bookmark pages for next year!

Bill C said...

What a wealth of information.I agree with Jenny G that this is overwhelming but very useful. I liked the link to the technology integration for teachers website. Especially the 'schooltube' site. the fact that they figured out a way to allow for streaming videos to be used in the school without fear of missrepresentation or inappropriate content is great!

Sarah B said...

Wow! There is tons of information at your fingertips. I went into the Free Technology for teachers blog and found many different articles. One that caught my eye was about different search methods for research papers. It talked about how people usually give up after the first 2 pages of a search from Google (exactly what I do). It gave many other websites that can help with the researching process. It listed Kidrex, Kido'Z and Quintura Kids for the elementary student and Googlepedia, Ambiently, and Cloudler for older students. I like how it showed like a print screen description of the sites.
This is a very interesting blog and a great resource.

Sarah B

Jacquelyne B. said...

PBS is a great website. I've used it while I was student teaching. There are some full length videos on there that are great.

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