Friday, October 30, 2009

How to Embed a YouTube Video into Blogger

If you are using Blogger to create your Blog, and want to embed a YouTube into a blog posting, check out this video on how to accomplish the task.


LizR. said...

This is great to know how to do, because for homework students can watch a video in Spanish and post two opinions about it and two reactions about other classmates post. Now I have yet another tool to use when blogging. A downside to this would be if all of my students' computers would have the correct media player to view the video.

Judy said...

Liz, I almost deleted this post, thinking not many people in our class use Blogger. However, if you are concerned about all the students not being able to play the video, you could make the assigment extra credit, as well as offer other kinds of extra credit. You could also just require students to post one comment and one reaction, cutting down some of the requirement, if you were to make it one. Don't know if you will return to this blog posting, but just thought I would add that I would not eliminate the possibility, but work it out somehow. Just a suggestion.....

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