Friday, October 30, 2009

Why Use an E-Portfolio

Enjoy this short video on why use an e-portfolio for professional purposes. After viewing it, let us know what you think of the video and e-ports.


meg said...

omg, this video was too cute! I loved all the animation and wish i could learn how to do that, i think students would love to see powerpoints have that element just to make the class more exciting. overall, i'm not too crazy about e-portfolios. i am very organized, so i don't have the same problems as sandra, but i can see how an e-portfolio would be useful to those who are not-so-organized. if someone was to put an e-portfolio together, is that really something an employer would look at as part of a job interview rather than a resume? or would a resume be part of it? sorry, i'm new to the job market and i'm just curious how practical an e-portfolio is.

Judy said...

Some employees would much prefer an e-port to a resume but it depends on the field of employment and who specifically is doing the hiring. In the future, the use of digital ports in employment seeking is likely to become more prevalent. I recently got a bunch of digital ports when advertising for a position in my dept. and found them more or equally helpful but certainly not less helpful than just a resume. What do others think?

KimDeMc said...

I also thought the video was super cute;o)
At the last high school I worked at, they had the students creating electronic portfolios. The portfolios were a collection of their best work in high school. This is what I thought an e-portfolio was. I never considered an e-portfolio for professionals. I do have an old fashioned leather portfolio that I cart around at times. I could see how useful it could be. A few school districts have the entire application process online. It was a hassle for me to initially scan documents, like my transcripts for instance. If I had an e-portfolio, I would have already had this information neatly sorted.

Ashley said...

I know that when I went for my job interviews they asked for a hard copy of the resume as well as one uploaded on line. I haven't seen the need to create an e-portfolio yet. I do wonder if I should begin creating one just in case I ever want to move schools or districts. What districts require e-portfolios now? What exactly do people put in thier e-portfolios?

Christina said...

I think this is a great idea. I am currently applying for jobs and every school system wants uploaded files of all of my information. No one has asked for an eportfolio. While I was watching the video I wasn't thinking of creating an eportfolio for job applications, instead I was thinking of using it as a way of keeping tract of all my accomplishments teaching. Since I am a beginning teacher it might be to my benefit to keep a blog about my teaching experiences, possibly keep student data, and store lesson plans. Especially within the first few years of teaching you can be laid off for almost anything. Keeping records is one way of having proof of your work. If I ever did want to switch school sytems it's a nice way to display all my accomplishments. Is there certain software that you install in order to make an eportfolio? I think its a great idea, but I have no idea how I would do it.

I also think it would be useful to have students create an eportfolio. It would be a nice place for them to keep the work that they're proud of.

Renee said...

This video was great! As an employer I would definately prefer the e-portfolio to just a resume. You can put the resume right on the portfolio. When I first went out on the job market I used a three inch binder as my portfolio. It was bulky and I was always concerned that it would get misplaced or not returned. Employers can look at an e-portfolio at their leisure and there is a significantly reduced chance that it will get lost. I like that it is individualized and you can show off your great organizational as well as creative skills.

Sarah M. said...

I was hooked on this cute video when they introduced "Happytown University." Though short, this video relays the issues of having everything on paper, and the solution and benefits that an e-portfolio provide.

I am currently in the middle-level certification program at SJC and was not required to use TaskStream. So, because I would not otherwise have had the opportunity to keep an online portfolio, I decided to create a website through to do so.

It is very nice to hear that the e-portfolios can be shared with potential employers, as this is my goal with my site. I am using it just as the video said: to "keep track of work, share information with peers, showcase teaching activities, and store reflections about [my] teaching journey." My reflections come in the form of research I've done on topics of specific interest to me. I personally feel that e-portfolios are a great way to demonstration "achievements and goals."

This video also mentioned the use of a "feedback space," which I thought is very clever. I had put a blog in my site with hopes that my future students might use it, but perhaps I could add a comments section for peers and others to provide feedback on my site and my lessons.

Meghan said...

This was a really fun little video all about e-portfolios. It brought some issues to the table I never really gave much thought to, such as having all of your important documents saved in one place (Kind of like the cloud!. I also like the idea of an e-portfolio being a greener option for many job areas that require a ton of paper work!
I think that online portfolios are a great idea for students, because they would always have them for anything they ever needed in the future, whether it be for a school application, or a job interview! They take a little while to get used to, but I think they will become essential in this ever technological age we are living in! Paper portfolios will soon become obsolete!

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