Sunday, October 11, 2009

Is the Technology Frustrating You?

If so, you need a break. Take a look at this YouTube video Introducing the Book, which will put contemporary life into perspective. Enjoy, and post your comments. By the way, how might this video be used in the secondary classroom?


Scott Kossbiel said...

I think this video is so funny. I do get frustrated with technology at certain points. No body writes letters anymore (only emails), people would rather email or text than to have a face to face conversation or call on the phone, and more and more everyday classrooms are being more and more inandated with technology. There are good and bad sides to this for sure. I was at a concert this summer, and though the band was having fun, the lead singer made a comment about how many people he saw on the way into the venue either listening to their IPOD or searching through the internet of their IPHONES. His comment was, "When was the last time any of you picked up a book? No body reads anymore! How do you expect to learn anything?." There is alot of merit to that statement, and as a teacher I hope to intergrate technology into my classroom yes, but hope to use it in such a way where it aids my instruction and not does not become distracting to the students.

carrie said...

I agree with you Scott. This video was hysterical to me. It reminded me of myself and how I must seem with computers to others who are very technologically versed. What I mean is, the video draws a similarity between how advanced a book was eons ago and how computers are now. It makes the non-computer person seem ignorant. Building on what Scott said and how we don't pick up books anymore, maybe a lesson in a secondary classroom could focus on the fact that reading is still imperative. Not only does the video portray mankind in the past before books, it could also illustrate what might happen to us in the age of hyper-technology. For those kids brought up in a world of computers, perhaps they too will end up being bewildered by the good old-fashioned book.

Meg said...

Drawing off you, Carrie, the first thing I did was forward this to my parents. Although they are not very computer literate, they do know how to check their emails. But these are the same kinds of problems, more so with the older generation rather than the younger. My parents are in their late 40's, and having worked at the helpdesk at St. Joe's, it is typically the older students who have problems like this. Things like, how to use a flash drive, or making sure you save to the right place, and so on. I do agree with both of you that maybe reading does need to be encouraged more. Most students are very technologically advanced, but perhaps they should be taught for as much as they can find online, they can find just as much in text books.

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