Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Top 25 Websites for Teachers

American Association of Libraries posts the Top 25 Websites for Teaching and Learning. Check out the list, and let us know if you use any of the sites professionally. Which sites pique your interest? Which would you explore using for your teaching? Another recommended site for teachers is PBS Teachers for featured teacher resources by grade level and subject area. Let us know what you find there that's of value to you. What are your favorite sites for teaching and learning? What would make your Top Ten list?

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Victoria said...

I have used this website before. I did a unit on intellectual freedom with my high school students (because of a school wide debate on whether it was "right" to restrict students to reading an edited version of a popular book) and this site was invaluable. The top 25 list was very informative and useful. I don't know which of their sugestions are useful to me at first glance but I trust the site and will most likely bookmark the page for future reference.

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