Sunday, September 11, 2011

GMail Tips

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If you use G-mail or are considering it, check this list of tips for ways to use G-mail productively to contribute to learning and your own organizational skills: 5 G-Mail Tips for Teachers. You are bound to find fresh ideas in this post. Let us know what you like.


Christine said...

I use GMail for my personal account and I LOVE the features. I already utilize the search feature (it is so helpful) and I do love how it archives your conversations with your email recipient automatically.

The priority inbox is also something I use on a daily basis, starring important emails that I know I will need to come back to.

One thing that I do enjoy is the ability to make certain emails from recipients come to you with a tag attached. For example, anything that comes from ReallyGoodStuff might have a tag of "Ads from stuff" attached to it, setting it as already read in my inbox. That allows me to get to it later. This might be useful for the ads/extra emails that you do not always want to sort through on the lunch hour. :)

Beth said...

I have been a GMAIL user for about two years now and have really loved it. I must admit though that I had no idea how to use the search feature - whhich proves to be really helpful. One thing that I have been using and loving though is the ablility to star emails. I get alot of junk emmails throughout the day so it is important to star the emails that are important so they are at my fingertips when I need them.
These hints were great...I will be using the canned responses for my summer school job. I can easilly communicate with parents and already have my signature set up.

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