Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Interested in Learning How to Use Prezi

The video below will present you with a
How to use Prezi, an exciting presentation tool! from Scottish Book Trust on Vimeo.
thorough overview of how to set up your account and how to use Prezi. The presentation is long, but it is worth watching for a solid overview. As you explore with Prezi, you can return to the video for more information. After watching the video, let us know how helpful it was and what your opinion of Prezi as a authoring tool is. How do you envision using it in the classroom? If you have created a Prezi, please feel free to share the URL link to it.

I just found this short Prezi online, and thought I would share it in light of the fact that The National Day of Punctuation is approaching. Who would have known there is such a day? This Prezi includes links to access additional information on punctuation. Although the Prezi is short and does not contain much information, it does demonstrate that a colorful, attractive presentation to give quick information can be accomplished with this Web 2.0 tool.


Dave C said...

This is PERFECT! I saw a Prezi this summer at my Nuclear Energy workshop in Idaho, One of the presentations (one on the timeline of events in Japan at the nuclear power plant) was a Prezi and a number of the teachers signed up that day. I haven't had the time to play with it, but this video is definitely helpful and I'll use it to learn Prezi

Chandler P said...

This video was incredible. I have a Prezi due in another class that I am taking, and haven't yet explored all that it has to offer. I feel that Prezi has is an exciting new format to present to a class that would keep students interested, but it is important not to lose sight of the content area in the many different features that Prezi has to offer. It is indeed helpful and quite novel, but one fear that I have is that it will be distracting for some students.
This is nothing new for teachers. We have to challenge ourselves to excite students and keep them involved, without removing them from the content matter. In an increasingly digital world, this is a line that is becoming increasingly thinner. New technology must be practiced, tried and augmented as need be so that teachers can use best practices in their classes.
The first step to reaching students on a technological level is educating ourselves on what is new. This Prezi lesson is a great jump-off point for people that are enthusiastic about improving their methods.

Christine said...

This is great! Between this video and the discussion and modeling we have had in class, I am excited to try to incorporate the Prezi into my teaching and add it to my "education toolbox" as they say. A Prezi is a very powerful presentation and interactive, and as Chandler said, the format will definitely keep students interested.

My biggest concern is that the constant twisting and turning of things in and out of the screen is very distracting. Especially for primary children, this may pose a problem with keeping attention. There is such a thing as too much stimulation!

I do believe that this is another, easy-to-use way to present information whether it is to colleagues on a topic or to students. The tutorial is a helpful beginning for those teachers that are feeling ambitious and those that are riding the "technological wave" and becoming effective 21st century educators.

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