Saturday, September 24, 2011

YouTube Breakthrough for Teachers

YouTube has just released a new site for teachers, making YouTube for the classroom readily available. Information and tips for using YouTube videos are provided at the site: YouTubeTeachers. Included is a slide showing 10 Ways to Use YouTube in the classroom and a tutorial explaining how to set up your own YouTube channel for quick access for teaching.  Check the slide show and the tutorial. Get back to the blog to let us know what you think of using the new YouTubeTeachers site.

Here is an example of one of the videos you will find on the site, this one: Making Science Fun, created by a science teacher, Steve Spangler.


Kate said...

I just went through the tutorial and then spent time looking for videos to use for my next class. I found about 4 videos I can use to help enhance my class that otherwise would be a PP presentation and some group activities. I feel that using the YouTube for teachers will become a great resource. The nice thing is that you do not have to show the whole video although it may take a bit to skip ahead if you are looking for something specific within the video. The next question is will my district unblock this site for freedom for teacher use or will we still have to ask permission? I will have to pose this question to them. I think of those teachable moments when I could go to the internet to show the students something that would help them understand and that moment passes by because I don’t have permission. At some point trust has to be granted, especially in this world of technology.

Christine said...

Kate, I totally agree with you. Because this content is "filtered" and supposedly safe for children, why can't we access it as adults? Especially when we know there are such sophisticated firewalls and etc. that can have levels of protection! A teacher's administrative login should be able to access sites that are relevant to the curriculum area. I have come across the same problem of losing my teachable moment because of a Youtube block or other filter. It is sometimes hard to predict every question a child will ask-- especially when they are eight years old!! :)

I am adding this website to my list of resources, I found quite a few exciting videos that can be integrated to my third grade curriculum.

Beth said...

I am a bigggg fan of teacher tube!! I work in a school in which the youtube website has been blocked. I have come up with so many great clips to show the students but unfortunatley I am not able to due to our restrictions. Last year I came across teacher tube and loved the way that you can search for videos by subject and even see the way that other teachers have evaluated that video.While I love this website...I also wuish that I had access to youtube because sometimes they have a wider range of videos that would enchance my lessons and help my students to build background knowledge. It seems silly to have the website blocked for teachers

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