Tuesday, September 27, 2011

More Info on PowerPoint and SlideShare

Yes, you have heard me say on numerous occasions PowerPoint is much more than a bullet list. As long as people continue to use it that way, the tool will be considered limited, when in fact it is users' unfamiliarity with the tool's many multimedia options that limits the outcomes. In addition, I will continue to push for use of SlideShare, AuthorStream, and VoiceThread as ways to find well-done PowerPoint slide presentations. Of course, there are some poor examples as well on these sites, but you should be familiar with a few of the slide sharing sites now available on the web, and these three are among the most popular.

Today, in reading a colleague's blog, I came across a link to her presentations on SlideShare and reviewed one that I found as an example of illustrating how PowerPoint can be use to create an historical photo story or documentary. This slide show depicts in rich detail the history of Commerce, Texas. Please take a look, and leave a comment. I don't expect you to go through the whole presentation; there are over 100 slides. However, take a look at enough of the show to get a feel of the possibilities of using PowerPoint in powerful ways. I believe that this presentation was created as a collaborative effort; see the credits. It is quite impressive, but what do you think? Without slide sharing sites like SlideShare, it would be difficult to come across and then share with others exemplary work created with such tools as PowerPoint.

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