Friday, September 30, 2011

Teachers Teaching Teachers via Twitter

Today, The New York Times, in its "Learning Network" section, posted a pieces about how Twitter is a medium for teachers to teach teachers. Take a look at this article, "Teachers Teaching Teachers, on Twitter, Q. and A. on 'Edchats.'" After reading the article, be sure to post a comment. How curious or convinced are you of the capabilities of Twitter as a platform for teachers teaching teachers? Do you have a Twitter account? If so, how have you used it? Are you interested in learning more about Twitter and how teachers teach teachers using it? By the way, if you want to check me out on Twitter, here's my Twitter address:!/JudyArzt

Image on top from, Sept. 30, 2011


Jenn O. said...

Although this seems like a great way to gather information, strategies, and chat with other teachers, I guess I am still not sold on the whole idea of Twitter. Partly because I am unfamiliar with it and its capabilities and partly because I do not want to be attached to my phone. Also, it looks complicated to use with all the tags and symbols. Maybe I have misconceptions about the whole picture and how it is used. I guess I need to research information regarding twitter. I just can't even imagine using it in the classroom but then again, my students are younger and might not even have accounts. Maybe I'm wrong about that too. Who knows. Research is just what I'll have to do first.

Jennifer F. said...

I have to agree with Jenn O. on this, I think Twitter is a great way to gather information, but for me it is too fast paced to keep up with all of the information being presented.

I do have a twitter account that I use on a limited basis. I have gone to it to search for topics that I want to research but have done very little posting of my own. Maybe it is because I dont use it enough....

Although, I am uncomfortable with Twitter, I wont say that I will never use it more in the future. I think it will be more useful to me when I am teaching and have my own classroom.

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