Monday, September 12, 2011

PowerPoint Tips

Go through this presentation to learn some do and don't of using PowerPoint, and please take some time to offer your comments after you have viewed the slides.


Beth said...

I loved this! After viewing this powerpoint I showed many of the tachers that I work with. As a student myself I Have found myself almost falling asleep during some professors power points. My own students have told me that they hate powerpoints.
This powerpoint gives great ideas for how to properly use a powerpoint presentatino with your students. THe author even talked about the infinate bullet point syndrome which I know I will try to avoid inflicting on my students in the future.I also learned many tecniques for avoding the boring templates that come with power point..but to instead make my own and use virbrant colors that will catch the attention of my students. Iwant to be careful of how many words I put on my slides and be aware that the quotes and pictures leave the most lasting memories and therefore should be choosen wisely. This is a powerpoint about powerpoints that all teachers should view!

judy said...

I thought this presentation was helpful for reminding us that PowerPoint is NOT bulleted slides, even though lots of people use it that way. The presentation helps to remind us of effective ways to use PP.

Christine said...

I agree with Beth's posting! I absolutely loved this video. PowerPoints have been used all wrong-- while certainly their intended use is to convey short bits of information while the speaker provides the majority of the information, we have been almost conditioned to develop that "bullet point syndrome" that Beth refers to.

There is nothing that I enjoy more than watching one of my colleagues reach his/her class with an informative and interactive PowerPoint. At my school, we have the TurningTechnologies response systems that make our PowerPoints a little bit more interactive. I am able to take a "standard" PowerPoint and add the component of being interactive- students can vote and "page" me to ask a question in the middle of a presentation. There are certain layouts that work better with the software and response systems, however I try and mix up both colorful and minimal PowerPoint slides with the "voting" and interactive slides.

I am curious as to the opinions of others regarding these PowerPoints-- do you dread seeing them in your other classes?

This reminds me of a quick story. This past Wednesday was our Open House. One of the parents delivered a presentation on an aspect of our PTA with a PowerPoint... white background with black lettering. Bullet points. Droning voice... let your imagination take care of the rest... :)

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