Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tips for New (and Veteran) Teachers

Looking for Teaching Tips?
Twenty Tidbits for New Teachers offers an array of helpful hints not just for newbies, but any teacher.  Skim through the list, and check some of the sites to which links are supplied.

What Did You Find?
You are sure to find tips with which you agree as well as some you have not thought of but would like to try. Let us know what you discover, and what you would recommend to others.

Resources for New Teachers
The author of this list, Lisa M. Dabbs, frequently writes for new teachers in a variety of forums, including moderating the new teachers' Twitter chat, #ntchat. If you are on Twitter, you might look for the #ntchat as well as want to follow Lisa @teachingwthsoul.

What Is Edutopia: Is It Utopia?

Lisa posted this blog for the 20th anniversary edition of Edutopia. Find out more about this publication at its Home Page. Check the multitude of resources Edutopia offers.

Image credit: Edutopia logo.

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