Thursday, September 15, 2011

Why Should Educators Use Twitter

In this video a colleague whom I follow on Twitter, Justin Tarte, shares what educators, particularly teachers, can gain from using Twitter. I invite you to take a look, and if you want an introduction to Twitter, just let me know. If you are already on Twitter, Justin provides a list of educators to follow and explains what their contributions are.


Christine said...

I think Twitter is a very useful tool! I follow several educators, including some listed in the video.

I find it is a very useful way to engage in ad hoc (and sometimes pre-planned) Education chats. Generally, I search the hashtags #edchat or #teachchat under the search feature on the twitter homepage (or within a client I use) to discover others engaging in the same dialogue.

The school supply catalog Really Good Stuff hosts #teachchat approximately every three weeks on a variety of education topics. Some of the valuable resources I've gained through these chats include classroom management skills, ideas for new centers and ideas for integrating technology as well as blogging into the classroom. It is also interesting to talk to teachers from all across the globe-- and the perk of sponsored chats by a teaching supply catalog are the giveaways! I have already won two sets of prizes for my classroom. (And for a teacher on a budget, what a great plus!)

The one thing that I will say is that I did create a separate account for my #edchat/#teachchat endeavors. This account was originally created to double in another form of Social Media to connect with my parents, but I have yet to post any short and relevant updates with them just yet. It has been used exclusively for PLCs thusfar.

Chandler P said...

This video is incredible!!! What a wonderful resource for people looking who to follow on Twitter. Recently I have signed up for my own account, and I am still very new to it, but I plan on following several of these people.
I think that the possible advantages of Twitter are endless, and that it is an untapped resource for educators around the country.
I LOVE Christine's idea of creating a separate account to share with students and their parents. In this day and age, and with everything being as public as it is, its important to maintain a level of propriety with your associated social network profiles.
With Twitter in the classroom, the sky's the limit. communication will be real time with many different people. The more teachers on the Twitter-Train, the more valuable it becomes.

Annica said...

I used to think I was tech savvy, but the more I hear about the exciting and innovative techniques being used and shared on twitter the more excited I become(and the more I feel I have fallen off the technology Pace/ Craze).

The idea of reaching out to authors via twitter is a great suggestions, which could be utilized by students and teachers.

As a young educators, I am realizing that through twitter, I can get suggestions and ideas form other educators all across the nation and world. Twitter as a form of professional development and networking has enlightened my disposition on twitter. Nonetheless, I still haven’t actually used twitter.

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