Thursday, June 9, 2011

The 35 Best Web 2.0 Tools Chosen by You

The 35 Best Web 2.0 Tools Chosen by You is a list generated by teachers. It's a must-see list. Review it for what you are using and what you might be using. You'll likely find at least one new tool to enhance your teaching and professional development. These are all tools that teachers are presently using to enhance their teaching and enrich the lives of their students as learners. You'll get a good feel of what is out there for your taking.

Okay, enough preaching, but take the time to review the list, and post a comment. What on the list is one of your favorites and why? After checking out some new ones to you, let us know what you might consider implementing in the future.


RyanCleary said...

This list is fantastic. The different tools available are great ones to use in the classroom. This article also makes the list available to people who may not regularly use a lot of technology. These tools seem like they are discussed and explored frequently via Twitter or different education blogs. Not all teachers are plugged in to those types of forums. The list in the article seems like something that most teachers would be likely to access and use. I think it most for that reason. It is an easy format for people of all different technology proficiencies to explore these different tools.

Johanna said...

I think it would be great for schools to dedicate a few professional development session on introducing teachers to lists of popular web 2.0 tools like these and giving them time to explore and learn how they could integrate these tools into their teaching. I learned about many of these tools here at St. Joe's and use them all of the time. I really enjoy StoryBird, StoryJumper, Diigo, Glogster, and Google Earth. Some new tools I found on this list that look like great additions to my repertoire include TimeToast (a virtual timeline creation site), MuseumBox ( which lets you build virtual jackdaws on historical figures), Tagxedo (a Wordle-esque tool), and SpicyNodes (a brainstorm web tool that incorporates movement and zoom similar to a Prezi). These lists are easy to find on the web and are constantly changing. Incorporating new web tools into your teaching keeps kids engaged and motivated.

Meghan said...

I had a class tonight where a student taught us all about great new web 2.0 tools for the classroom.

She taught us how to use a site called smilebox, which was very easy to use and I am actually using it for my application project!

I love that these new web tools are becoming so easy to use, and how easy they are to integrate into any discipline!

Jenn O. said...

What a great list. I never knew there were so many. Only a few of them I have used before but there are so many more to try. It seems a bit overwhelming to think about trying them out. You have mentioned diigo in our class and I saw it on the list so I went to check it out and created an account. I hope you can give me more insite as to how to use it for mysself and my students. Thanks.

Chri said...

There are a ton of resources here for virtually anything you may need. I searched through and found many that I have heard of and many that I haven't. The one that caught my eye was Empressr. Seeing the tutorial on the site made me want to explore this site further and see what I could do with creating a presentation. I thought the animations and transitions were engaging and would draw attention to any presentation.

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