Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Not to Be Missed: The Power of VoiceThread

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Biology teacher Stacy Baker created a PowerPoint of tips to help her students with blogging. She uploaded this tutorial to Voicethread and added voice, comment boxes, and more. On Voicethread, viewers looking at the PowerPoint or other uploaded media can also add comments. Definitely view on Voicethread Stacy's: Blogging Tutorial. While viewing and listening to the PowerPoint on Voicethread, you'll glean ideas for helping students with blogging as well as learn about how Voicethread works and what its capabilities are. Would you consider uploading one of your PowerPoints to Voicethread and making use of some of the features you see in Stacy's work? What functions of Voicethread impress you? What helpful hints did you take away from the tutorial about helping students with blogging?

Here is a link to a Voicethread on poetry created using third graders'. Picture Writing. In this Voicethread, you will see children's pictures and poetry. Use the arrow key to advance through the presentation. On each slide, you can wait to hear the voices individually or you can click on the sidebars' images to jump around to hear or see others' comments.

You might consider uploading to Voicethread a PowerPoint you created or images you have and then using Voicethread's features to embellish your work.  Think about how you can use Voicethread in your teaching. What ideas do you have now that you have viewed two Voicethreads?

The Browse feature on the Voicethread homepage will allow you to select other samples to check out. If you find ones you like, let us know and copy and paste the URL to share your findings with others.

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Johanna said...

I am embarrassed to admit that I have never even heard of Voicethread before reading this blog! I'm so excited to hear about a new great web tool I can learn about over the summer and implement with my kiddos next year. At first, after clicking on the biology teacher's explanation of blog using Voicethread, I was still really confused about what exactly it is. After clicking on the 3rd grade poetry example, I was able to grasp the basic features of Voicethread and began thinking about how I could use it in my teaching. (Yes, it took a 3rd grade piece of work to get the 3rd grade teacher to understand...) I had a little trouble browsing to find other elementary level examples on Voicethread, but I did find a simple one that would be a great way to introduce Voicethread to younger students and teach them how to use it. This Voicethread ( captures student voices explaining what book they are reading and why they like it, accompanied by an illustration, on National Reading Day. The first slide's sound is not working, but the rest work fine (and their little British accents are way cute)!

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