Thursday, June 23, 2011

Do You Meet Teacher Standards for Technololgy?

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) publishes the national standards for technology competency for teachers, students, and administrators. Provided below are links to the standards for both teachers and students. Review these standards, and comment upon where you fit and where you believe the students you see in local schools fit. How well  are schools in your local area meeting these standards? How well do you meet the standards as a professional in the field of teaching? There are five standards for teachers, each with sub parts. Do you meet all of these standards?
Teacher Standards
Student Standards
Do you think teachers should be required to demonstrate how they comply with student standards when authoring teaching materials, such as lesson plans, unit plans, compliance reports, etc.? Should students in Schools of Education incorporate the student standards in lesson and curricular plans that they author?
Do you see a need for any updates in the teacher or student standards? If so, what is missing or needs changing? How well overall do you believe schools and teachers meet these general standards?


Jess said...

I have been using ISTE standards to help focus lessons that use technology. I like how both teacher and student standards are very clearly written and easy to align with technology. I don't think updates need to be made at this time, but I do think that teachers should be encouraged to review these standards and integrate them into their classrooms. These standards are cross-content standards, but unfortunately, I think that technological literacy is left to a few teachers who feel comfortable using programs and tools. All k-12 teachers should feel responsible for teaching technology skills.

Chuck said...

I believe that all teachers who use technology, should have the standards easily viewable. Technology eventually will not need to be used as a standard or recommended, it will automatically used in the classroom. There are no standards to use a pencil or pen in class, but we do anyways, it is automatic and goes without thinking. That is how technology will be in the classroom eventually.

I believe that the standards are clear for both, but it looks like they have not been updated since 2008. I believe that it is hard to keep up with all the new trends and technology or software/websites, so it would be good to see something with ethics/rules/or laws as there is an increase with class bullying if there is any integration of technology that will have a hand in social media.

Kate said...

I believe that the standards for teacher and student are very clear. I am a new teacher who is also learning how to incorporate technology into the curriculum. So far so good. I notice the engagement of the students and the comprehension of the topic. It is a mutual enjoyment.
I recently was with some teacher who have been teaching for close to 20 years. I started talking about web 2.0 programs to use in the classroom. Many of these teachers flat out refused to even think about it, and other teachers talked about how they did not even have time to learn new technology. While others stated that they don't even know where to begin. I of course said, start small and go from there.

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