Friday, June 17, 2011

Time to Remind You About Edmodo

What is Edmodo? Watch this video to find out how this microblogging site with a wide variety of features works:

Here's a YouTube that gives an overview of Edmodo and how it works:

Now that you have watched these two videos, what sense do you get of the potential of Edmodo in the school setting? Not sure, maybe this Glogster poster will give you some ideas. Tools for Edmodo glog shows what can be embedded into Edmodo.

And for those of you looking for more ideas, here is a Prezi supporting the integration of Edmodo in the school setting:

If you want to peek into how a teacher is using Edmodo, take a look at this clip of it from Mrs. Munzo's 3rd peirod class.

Well, this here is quite a bit to introduce you to Edmodo. What have you learned about this tool's place in the schools? Would you encourage school administrators to look into it? Will you consider playing around with it yourself to get a feel for its capabilities?


Linda Turbide said...

Hi Judy.
I enjoyed watching both videos about EDMODO. As a language teacher, I was concentrating on the accent of the second video. (I was a little distracted, although I found the voice intonation very pleasant, with clear consonant pronunciation as well).

It sounds as though EDMODO would be a good tool to use to talk about assignments or short questions and answers and opinions. I think it would be a good place to reflect on current events or other topics in English or Social Studies class.

I do not think it would work for writing in Spanish, but I would have to look at it more carefully.
It has some interesting components. Being able to see how many posts each student has in a controlled school environment is an advantage for grading participation.

Thank you for the information!

Kelly said...

EDMODO seems like a combination of Twitter and Facebook. It is a very interesting site where a teacher could create a more controlled social networking environment in her class. I like how you can create groups and students can only participate and view whats in their own group. I think I could potentially use something like this in my classroom to post quick information for my students. It would be great for students who are absent to get an assignment or students to give feedback to one another. Another use would be posting a short video introducing a topic to grab students' attention.

Tami said...

I agree with Kelly that Edmodo has similar features to Facebook and Twitter.

I really enjoyed the Prezi on how Edmodo can be used with ELL students because from the two video it seems like there are a number of ways to use this site with any grade, learning style or disability a student may have.

From the ease of the site, it seems like it wouldn't take away from any learning in the classroom but only get the students more engaged because they already know what's going to be happening in class the next day. It kind of reminds me of the Boy Meets World espoide where Shawn and Cory look at Turner's plan book to see that the next day there is a pop quiz on book they are reading in English. I don't think this is a bad thing because students come into the class excited about what is going on and will sit down and let you start the lesson.

I do wonder if groups can see other group pages. I know in the first video the teacher had one group created and then created period 1. Each of those groups contain different students and the classes maybe doing different things. I know that when I was doing student teaching, students were interested in what other classes were doing, like AP bio drawing the body systems on the windows or the forensic class doing mock crime scence. Although, they might not be doing the same things, the students are interested in what other peers are doing and I wonder if Edmodo allows this sharing across groups to happen.

Jennifer F said...

Thank you for sharing this article. I think EDMODO is a great tool to use in the classroom. After seeing the two videos and watching the Prezi, I can see the benefits of using EDMODO.

Getting and keeping students involved is a key part to teaching. Edmodo provides students with a different way of learning rather than only providing a lecture regarding a subject. Edmodo can be used to reinforce knowledge as well by providing videos or links to subject in addition to the lesson provided in class.

Parents can be involved in learning as well because Edmodo allows both teachers and students to share what is happening within the classroom with them.

I think Edmodo is a great way to assess students compared to everyday testing.

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