Saturday, June 11, 2011

PowerPoint Posted on SlideShare: Blogging, Forums, and Wikis with Some Tips for Success

Found this PowerPoint on SlideShare tonight, and thought I would share it for several reasons: to illustrate SlideShare as a site for sharing educational resources, to see the power of PowerPoint to create a helpful tip sheet in a graphically appealing way, and to gain some tips about how to introduce students to collaborative tools like blogs and forums. Post a comment after you view the PowerPoint. Have you checked SlideShare recently for PowerPoints you might adapt for your teaching? Is this PowerPoint helpful to you?
Use the right arrow to advance through the show, or click on the full screen option and advance as you would with any PowerPoint show.

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Tami said...

The blog, forum and wiki presentation posted by Jacqui Sharp is a great way to show students how to use these forms in a respectful way.

The powerpoint was simple and easy to understand. Each slide contained useful information that was easy to read and understand. It seems like this presentation was designed with either elementary or middle school students in mind.

The information within the presentation is wonderful. All students should review this informaiton before using blogs, forums and wikis.

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